All the elegance of a luxury brasserie with customized service "à la parisienne".

Come and taste the homemade pizzas with fine and crisp dough, on site or take away.

A wide selection of dishes and drinks, and a beautiful variety of wines and spirits.

The most beautiful Whiskies list in town with more than 90 references including some of great rarity.


Created in 1984, Le Café noir is an absolute institution according to the bretons !

Situated close to the city centre, and near the train station, Le Café Noir is open everyday until for 

the night owls.

Nos horaires d'ouverture :

Lundi, mardi, mercredi et dimanche : 11h30 à 1h00 (fermeture des cuisines à 00h00)

Jeudi, vendredi et samedi : 11h30 à 2h00 (fermeture des cuisines à 01h00)

Le Café Noir sur les réseaux sociaux

02 99 30 54 40

55 av. Janvier, Rennes

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